2019 SVMS Color Run

Your’re fundraising just got color-bombed! Fun Runs have always been a great way to raise money for charitable organizations, schools, churches and more.  Adding a splash of color and hosting a Color Fun Run gives your fundraising a colorful boost!

A Color Run is a non-competitive Fun Run or running event where participants and observers throw brightly colored paint on the runners. When all participants wear white, it makes the most of the colorful splashes. Kids love color run fundraisers and by using paint that is non-toxic, everyone can participate.

How Does a Color Run Work?

Typically a course is laid out with 3 to 5 color stations set up with color powder that will be thrown on the participants as they run through the color station.  A color station is usually a small table on either side of the course with buckets of color powder. You will need 2 to 4 volunteers per station to throw the color powder on your racers as they pass through the color station. There are two preferred methods of throwing the powder.  One is to use small dixie cups to dunk in the color powder and throw on the participants. The other is to use condiment squeeze bottles, fill them with powder and squeeze as the runners go by.  Remember to always aim from the shoulders down – you never want to throw directly at someone’s face, always avoid the face and eyes.  Most of our customers choose to use one color per station – but it is entirely up to you!

What is the Powder Made of?

The color powder is environmentally friendly and cornstarch based. No ecological hazards are associated with this product. It can be easily washed or blown from event areas.


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— Henry Van Dyke
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